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One stop solution for integrated drug discovery, process development and scale-up

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Anthem works closely with clients on IP related information

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The only CRO in the country with Microbiology division that provides antiinfectives screening services

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Proven Track Record for Hit-Identification, Hit to Lead and lead Optimization

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Highly qualified scientific team with diverse experience

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Cloning, expression and purification of recombinant proteins from both bacterial and mammalian host systems.


Lab Facilities

  • 14 Labs with independent access control
  • Each lab has 10 fume hoods
  • Dedicated fume hood for each chemist
  • Devoted Hazardous Labs
  • Biotage parallel purification system
  • Reveleris Flash chromatography with ELSD/UV-Vis
  • Genevac evaporator
  • Radley’s parallel reaction blocks
  • Microwave synthesizer
  • Hydrogenation facility from 400 mL – 20 L
  • Fermentation capability (up to 100 L)
  • Preparative HPLCs
  • SciFinder, ACS Journal-online access, Science Direct, etc.,

Process Chemistry and Chemical Development Facilities

  • Parallel reaction blocks (Radley's)
  • Parallel purification systems (Biotage)
  • Jacketed lab reactors (1 L, 2 L, 5 L, and 10 L)
  • Small and medium scale hydrogenation (-150 C to +2500 C; up to 50 bar pressure)
  • Cryogenic reactions up to -100 0 C
  • Kilo scale portable MPLC
  • Differential scanning calorimeter
  • Powder XRD and RCe1 (externally outsourced)
  • Process Hazard Assessment capabilities
  • Medium and Large scale Chromatography
  • Kilo scale, all glass facility

Kilo Lab (GMP)

Kilo lab has jacketed all glass assemblies from 20 L to 50 L, glass lined reactor, stainless steel reactor and hastelloy reactors (50 to 70 L) with cryogenic capability. Other balancing equipment with finishing suites (clean rooms) to handle finished products is also available.

Pilot Plant (GMP)

Pilot plant has an array of stainless steel reactors (100 L to 1500 L) which are capable of handling even cryogenic reactions up to -1000 C. This is further complemented by hastelloy reactors, glass lined reactors (250 L to 1000 L) and hydrogenators (250 L to 1000 L). The pilot plant is also supported with balancing equipments of suitable capacity and clean rooms to handle finished products.

Facilities in Chemical Synthesis Plant (GMP)

The versatile chemical synthesis plant has reactors of various MoC, ranging from 300 L to 3000 L capacity with cryogenic capability. This facility also houses various balancing equipments of matching capacity like Nutsche filters, centrifuges, agitated Nutsche filter drier, roto cone vacuum drier, 96 tray vacuum tray drier etc. The plant is capable of producing out put batch sizes up to 300 kg.
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