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One stop solution for integrated drug discovery, process development and scale-up

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Anthem works closely with clients on IP related information

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The only CRO in the country with Microbiology division that provides antiinfectives screening services

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Proven Track Record for Hit-Identification, Hit to Lead and lead Optimization

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Highly qualified scientific team with diverse experience

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Cloning, expression and purification of recombinant proteins from both bacterial and mammalian host systems.


Anthem Biosciences, equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities, offers the following Chemistry Services to support discovery research, chemical / pharmaceutical development, complex intermediates, GMP starting materials and NCEs/APIs for pre-clinical and clinical trials.

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Library Design and Synthesis
  • Natural Product Inspired Libraries (Proprietary)
  • Green Chemistry Initiatives
  • Process Chemistry and Chemical Development
  • Custom Synthesis
  • GMP manufacturing


Since it's inception, in 2007, Anthem has completed over 1000 chemistry projects, involving very diverse and complex chemistries. Over 200 chemists, trained in innovation and development are dedicated for customer projects. Typical ratio of Ph. D to MS is 1:5.


Anthem scientists are well versed with diverse chemical transformations like metal mediated synthesis, organo catalysis, asymmetric synthesis, hydrogenations, cynation, chlorination, nitration, Friedel-Crafts reactions, C, O, N-alkylation, carbohydrate chemistry, nucleosides chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, boronic acids, peptide synthesis, solid supported reactions, reductive amination, chiral resolutions, oxidations, bio transformations, glyco conjugations, protein-protein conjugations, protein-peptide conjugations, polymerization (co-polymers / block polymers), nanoparticle synthesis (conjugation with dyes, drugs, antibodies and proteins), pro-drugs synthesis and many more.

Evaluation of RFP

Each of the RFP is screened by an expert team from project management and synthetic design is arrived based on Anthem’s internal, searchable reaction data base and also with help of data bases like SciFinder. A meticulous evaluation of the chemistry is done before the offer is made. Anthem’s offer is always an assurance for delivery, as all possible scenarios are considered during evaluation. Our success rate in delivering projects is 99%.

EHS Policy

Anthem follows robust EHS policies for personnel safety and environmental protection. All the waste generated is treated / disposed in accordance with standard practice and local regulations. Process hazard risk assessment is routinely done for any process before scale-up.

Execution of projects

Each project is handled by a dedicated project leader from the beginning till the project is delivered. The project leader is responsible for execution and communication with client. Scientist to Scientist communication is maintained during all phases of project execution. Electronic lab note books (proprietary) are maintained and all analytical data is archived / accessed electronically. Transparent updates, regular conference calls and complete technology transfer documentation are routinely done for all projects. Anthem can provide secure e-rooms and /or encrypted files for secure transfer of technical data. Labs and internal data basesare access controlled for confidentiality.

Any IP generated during execution of a project belongs to the client. Anthem facilitates the client with patentability searches, patent drafting etc. on need basis.

Chemistry service facilities include well equipped labs, kilo lab, pilot plant and mid-sized chemical synthesis plant with all supporting functions like purchase, stores, engineering, EHS, analytical and quality assurance.

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