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One stop solution for integrated drug discovery, process development and scale-up

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Anthem works closely with clients on IP related information

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The only CRO in the country with Microbiology division that provides antiinfectives screening services

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Proven Track Record for Hit-Identification, Hit to Lead and lead Optimization

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Highly qualified scientific team with diverse experience

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Cloning, expression and purification of recombinant proteins from both bacterial and mammalian host systems.

Project Management

Anthem has a very professional and unique project management system in place. The team consists of management representatives, senior level personnel from business development, program management, IT professionals, scientists, supply chain management and operations.


The team is responsible for management of RFPs, preparation of commercial offers, confidentiality agreements, master service agreements, receipt and execution of work orders, managing confidentiality of technical data including IP, security of internal data bases and data back-up, disaster recovery plan, communication with clients including project updates, logistics support for shipments etc.

Management of confidentiality

At Anthem, every individual project is assigned a unique project code on receipt of RFP itself and the project is known by this unique code all throughout the preparation of offer, execution and till shipment. The actual scope of work is known only to the specific scientific team which prepares the offer / executes the project. Every individual RFP is assigned a specific folder in the internal data base and such folders are access controlled. All information related to the specific project (literature, tech-packs etc.) are archived in specifically assigned folder only and access is provided only to the execution team, on a need to know basis.

Preparation of offer

Each of the RFP is screened by an expert team from project management and an optimal design is arrived at based on Anthem’s internal searchable data base and also with help of data bases like SciFinder. A meticulous evaluation of the project is done before the offer is made. Anthem’s offer is always an assurance for on time delivery, with acceptable quality, as all possible scenarios are considered during evaluation. Our success rate is >98%

Chronology of events

The project management team takes the responsibility of any given project to handhold the activities till on time completion of the project, as given below

  • Receiving of requests for quotation/information and logging
  • Literature search and arriving at the optimal methodology for the project
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Preparation of commercial offer
  • Receiving of order and logging
  • Assignment of the project to a project leader with specific expertise, who will own the project till completion
  • Best in class supply chain management for procurement of quality raw materials at reasonable price with fast turnaround time
  • Project planning and execution with clearly defined dead-line for completion
  • Weekly review of individual projects by Management team
  • Scientist to Scientist communication on the progress (by secure electronic modes) to ensure expertise flow in both directions
  • Project summary reports and shipments
  • Logistics support till shipments reach clients site
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